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I offer virtual face to face readings by Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp or we can read by good old fashioned phone. It makes no difference at all to the quality of the readings. Although it’s lovely to see you while I’m reading, I don’t actually need to, it all works fine either way!

I’m based in Twickenham, South West London and from here I advise people all around the UK as well as internationally.

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Jilin John

These 5 stars are not enough to explain how good Jani is dedicated to her work. This was my 1st experience and she just blew my mind. I would recommend her more than anyone.

Response from Jani:

Wow Jilin, what a lovely review, thank you!


L. D. from TrustPilot

Jani uses a very reassuring combination of Tarot, intuition, wisdom and common sense.
My reading with Jani was deeply insightful and very much helped me to understand my situation. I appreciated her no nonsense approach and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering a reading.
Many thanks Jani 🙏

Response from Jani:

Thank you so much for leaving that lovely review LD. It was such a pleasure to read for you and I’m very glad to have been able to help.

Gayle S

Best tarot teacher in The UK. Really knows her stuff and I learned a lot I didn’t know before from Janis. Highly recommend her tarot course – there is a lot of self development and spiritual growth you can get from it too.

Response from Jani:

Hey Thank you Gayle, really appreciate you taking the time to leave that review, it’s a pleasure being part of your journey.

Setareh Golchin

I couldn’t connect with Jani via WhatsApp video call so she did my reading the old fashion way via a phone call but I could sense her great energy! She was so lovely and helpful. The information she gave me was very accurate and she guided me on certain matters in my life that I should pay more attention to. Jani was great, I definitely recommend her and I will surely go back to Jani again for more reading in the future. Thank you Jani!

Response from Jani:

Hi Setareh, Thanks so much for that lovely review. I’m happy I could help and it was lovely to meet you even via the phone.

Ro Aslam

I had prepared some questions to ask Jani and felt she provided very accurate answers towards my current situation and how to move forward. Highly recommend

Response from Jani:

Lovely, thanks for that Ro, I very glad to have been able to help.

Michael H

Thank you Janice. You offered some great insights during the reading today, I appreciate it. 10/10

Response from Jani:

Hey thanks for that Michael, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Yasmin Sheherezade

Had a great and illuminating reading with Jani today, where along with communicating to me the messages from the cards she gave some great advice and lots of things were spot on. Thanks:) xx

Response from Jani:

Thanks so much for leaving that review Yasmin. It was so lovely to meet you and read for you today.

Joanna McKew

Great reading and very accurate to my circumstances. Asked questions to the cards to help me take proactive steps, which were very useful. Highly recommended.

Response from Jani:

Thanks so much Joanna, I’m very glad the reading was helpful. It was a pleasure to read for you.

Rebecca B

I just contacted Jani for a second time. The first reading I had she double checked a reading I’d had that had made me lose hope. It was just down to interpretation and it was a huge relief. I think that’s one of the ways Jani is so talented because she gives you real life advice on how to tackle your path, and focuses on the details that count. My second reading – I thought how on earth is she supposed to do with this very long and complicated situation? She did it though! She found the key to make changes when I couldn’t see where to go or what to do. She even made sure I knew exactly how to come across and trust it would work. I’m going to have to get out of my comfort zone, but she made me realise I can do this. Jani is so easy to talk to, you don’t feel at all nervous or uncomfortable. You feel that she does this because she wants to help – it’s nice! I feel like this is a natural calling for her rather than work or to sell you something. You can trust her completely, and that’s what you need. Thank you Jani! xxx

Response from Jani:

Thank you so much Rebecca for taking the time to post that lovely review, it is a pleasure to read for you.

Allys Brown

We booked a zoom session for 3 of us and Jani did us a great deal. Jani was kind, honest and understanding. The reading was very accurate, insightful and helpful for all of us – would recommend contacting Jani for a reading!

Response from Jani:

I’m glad you all enjoyed your readings Allys, I hope they are useful moving forward.

Celia Rizothanasi

I had my very first tarot reading with Janice recently – over Zoom. I didn’t know what to expect but kept on open mind. I found the session incredibly enlightening and packed with useful insights about different areas of my life. I would highly recommend to have a session with Janice and explore this different approach to life’s challenges.

Response from Janice

Thank you so much for that lovely review Celia, Its really appreciated and I’m so glad that I was able to be of help.

Dennis McCarthy

I had a reading with Janice a few weeks ago..I went to her for some guidance..she told me exactly what was happening in my life and picked up very quickly on my problem..she told me what would happen and within days it did..needless to say I’m following her guidance and it’s made me feel much better..definitely a good experience having my cards read and she speaks to you like a good friend..definitely I will take another reading in the future..

5 stars and definitely would recommend her for a reading if you’re not sure of your next move..


Response from Janice

Thanks so much for that Dennis, much appreciated and it was lovely to talk to you.


I must say when I first hear about Janice from my friend I was very scared as I’ve never had a face to face tarot reading before. But when I meet her all that changed. She was amazing. I had tears of joy because I finally had someone give me all the answers that I needed and was spot on without me even saying a word.

I would fully recommend Janice. She is an absolute breath of fresh air and made me feel so comfortable. There are no words that can describe her kindness and patience. She’s simply the best and natural at what she does.

Thank you soo much Janice. X

Response from Janice

Oh Cindy what a lovely review. I’m so glad you decided to come and so happy you found what you needed to hear. You have a great spirit and a lovely heart. xxx

Rohini Sharma

I love Janice and she really did help me. I was lost and needed answers about my life and why I was feeling so lost and confused so I signed up for 1 free tarot reading and she told me something that clicked. I wanted to know more and she explained everything to me which made me realise that all I have to do is let go of negativity.

I was so happy to have met Janice. I would highly recommend Janice to anyone who wants the truth and I guarantee you that Janice is the most honest and helpful person.

Thank you for helping me to save myself 🙂

Response from Janice

Thank you so much for that lovely review Rohini, you are also lovely and it’s always a pleasure to see you. xx

‘Brightside 786’

Had a 30 minute over the phone reading with Janice and I loved it. Smooth & hassle free experience from first contact to finish. Janice is so passionate about her work, a very thorough reading. She is professional and provides utmost clarity to you. She is a kind and caring lady, I felt as if I was getting wise guidance from a loving grandmother. She is honest and tells you the best advice. She interprets the cards very well and tailors it to your individual case when explaining them. It was a very accurate reading I was blown away. Thank you dearest Janice. Love from Huria x

Response from Janice

Thank you so much Huria it was lovely to be able to help you on your journey. Lots of love and luck. Xx

Phoebe Richards

I am SO grateful to have met Janice today! This was my first ever read and I cannot explain how accurate and comforting she was throughout all of it. It was a pleasure meeting you Janice (I will definitely be back soon) and I would recommend anyone to go and see Janice if they are feeling at a bit of a cross-roads in their life. Absolute treasure.

Response from Janice

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you too Pheobe and thank you for the review it’s very much appreciated.

Julia Gousseva

Super correct reading!
Outstanding service!
Proven past and awesome experience!
Would definitely come back again!!!!

Response from Janice

Thanks Julia much appreciated. Sending you love for all your doing.

Keti Traycheva

Fantastic experience and very helpful advices given. Definitelly recommend this wonderful lady who helped me lots to overcome haunting questions from the past. Thank you for being so welcoming, guiding and wonderful!

Response from Janice

Keri thanks so much for the review. It was so lovely to meet you and to be part of your journey.

Susan Hodgetts

Janice’s reading gave me a lot to think about and was very detailed. She was great to talk to, encouraging and friendly. Thanks Janice.

Response from Janice

Thanks Susan I’m glad we were able to read together, I really hope your journey will be exciting and rewarding. Thanks you for the lovely review.

Laura Pereira

One afternoon I decided that I wanted to do a Tarot Reading and searched online for someone local to me. After reading her positive reviews I decided to take the plunge and book myself in. As soon as I arrived I felt very comfortable in her presence and relaxed although I was supper nervous. We touched upon a subject I had burning questions for and to say the lease I found my answers. Janice is super lovely and I would recommend her to anyone interested in Tarot Reading.

Response from Janice

Hi Laura how kind of you to leave this review. I’m so happy we were able to work together and it was really lovely to meet you.

Gayle Joubert

Janis has read for myself and a number of my friends. Her readings are deep and insightful- it’s a wonderful way to check in on your life journey and intentions. Highly recommended, a wise lady!

Response from Janice

From a world class healer like yourself Gayle that is praise indeed. It’s always a pleasure to read for you.

Dean Green

Just wanted to say that I had a fantastic reading with Janice and I will be going back again in the future. I was worried that the reading would be off as I had it done over the phone but that pretty much changed as soon as the reading started. She went through the questions that I asked thoroughly and answered in detail and picked up on things about me that I didn’t even mention. I would recommend her to anyone who would like a Tarot reading.

Response from Janice

Hi Dean What a lovely review and I’m so happy to have met you even if over the phone. xx


Thank you Janice for such a great experience. I left with such clarity and perspective. Have recommended to my friends and family. Thank you! Tina

Response from Janice

Hey Tina,  that’s really apprecaited, it was a pleasure to read for you. Thank you.

Sofia Marconi

Very wise woman, thank you Janice!

Response from Janice

My pleasure and Iit was lovely to meet you Sofia

Mel White

I’ve been to spiritual guides all around the world – Janice is the real deal.
I felt comfortable with Janice from the moment I arrived. We decided to start with a general reading, even though I had some burning questions on my mind. Without anything said from my side, Janice began to detail my current situation and challenges – it was uncanny.
Usually there are areas for interpretation, but this was spot on.
Janice is a true professional who believes in the higher purpose – not only what she is or has to offer.
Would 100% recommend her, and will be back again. Thank you.

Response from Janice

Mel, thank you for your lovely review. I am just happy that I was able to help and bring some clarity, which is what this is all about, plus, it was lovely to meet you and be a part of this stage of your journey.

Nadz Star

Janice is fantastic. This was my first ever reading and I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely use Janice again.

Response from Janice:

So glad I was able to help and happy to be your first tarot experience.

Pali Sandro Sara

I am very happy with her…she is very very good!!!

Response from Janice:
Thank you so much and it was lovely meeting you, it was a pleasure!


I had my first hour tarot reading over the phone with Janice yesterday and from the first spread of cards, she had given me a general and amazingly accurate picture of what was transpiring in my life! I had given her no information about myself at this point. All the questions I asked of which there were 5 main areas, were covered with great depth. I instinctively knew that Janice had a deep connection to the cards, and a spot on interpretation of them for my present moment circumstances around these areas of my life. She also gave such helpful advice and guidance on how to deal with these situations going forward, which I found extremely reassuring. She went at a good place, giving time to clarify any interpretation of the cards and telling me about the cards that came up, which really helped to understand the bigger picture of the interpretation. After the reading I felt really at ease that I had some awareness of the future and how to best deal with my current situations. I would highly recommend Janice as she is so accurate, has a really warm approach, takes her time, makes you feel at ease and I believe is an extremely experienced tarot reader. I would also go back for another reading in the future Thank you !

Susana Fernandez

Janice is the real thing!
She is very good. I highly recommend her

Response from Janice :

Thanks Susanna, it was pleasure meeting you.

Abbie Wotton

Amazing experience! Janice joined us for my 18th birthday party and gave readings to all 10 guests and every single one of us was overjoyed with the outcome. So meaningful and eye opening, would definitely recommend! Thank you so much for a lovely evening 🙂

Response from Janice :

It was lovely to meet and read for you all Abbie.

Donna Barter

Had a reading with Janice , she was very friendly and put me at ease straight away. Explained each card and gave an accurate account of what was occurring in my life, and offered guidance to help me make certain decisions. Would certainly recommend.

Response from Janice :

Thanks for this lovely review D. I’m glad I was able to help.

Anna Haysom

I’ve had quite a few readings with Janice over time and always get a lot out of them – she approaches the issue at hand with warmth, humour and candour. She’s great at putting people at ease and is open, frank and often offers new and thought-provoking perspectives on a situation. Great intuitive reader and recommended.

Response from Janice :

Thanks for that lovely review Anna, much appreciated.

Denise Cooke

Janice is the real deal!
I found Janice on Google and booked a 1 hour reading with her. I told her absolutely nothing about myself and she was able to pick up everything that I was feeling over the phone within just a few minutes. As time progressed, she knew everything that i was experiencing and she was able to provide me with accurate details and solutions to help me move forward. Janice empowered me to take back my life, and to address things without fear.
Janice has a friendly approach and she has a genuine and warm nature which allowed me to feel comfortable to speak openly. I loved my reading! It gave me peace of mind and clarity to move forward. She is worth every penny, she is the real deal. She will pin point everything without you having to say anything at all and offer tangible guidance to support you.

One word to describe her….. magical!!

Response from Janice

Thanks for such a lovely review Denise, it was lovely to meet you, even over the phone. I’m so glad you are happy and that the reading connected so profoundly with what was happening in your life and that you felt empowered and strengthened as a result. That is the tarot working at it’s best and it’s a priviledge to be part of that communication.


I was fortunate enough to get to have a tarot reading by Janice on October 24th 2018. It was a gift from my friend for my 50th having hit the milestone age i wanted some guidance. I opted for a general reading which covered now (that moment in time, the present) near future and long term. My friend has been on my journey with me seeing, the ups the downs, the highs the lows, the tears and laughter so when Janice laid out my cards and started to read i immediately could relate to her findings, as did my friend who sat quietly in the corner listening. My eyes started to tear up, they say the truth hurts and this reading was nothing but the truth, the whole truth. Janice is a remarkable person who walked me through each card and the explanations, Clear and precise. I will look to visit Janice regularly and highly recommend those of you thinking about having a tarot reading Janice should be the first choice. Lezline Platt

Response from Janice

Thanks so much for that lovely review Lezline, I really enjoyed meeting you and am glad the reading helped. I really wish you luck with all your plans for the future.

Laurie Blake

Incredible, did this on a whim, and wasn’t sure what to expect but I was blown away! Spookily accurate, and really fantastic advice, I’ll definitely be back. Thank you, Janice!

Response from Janice

Thank you Laurie, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Ray Mallaney

Janice has read for me a number of times. I have always found her readings clear and unambiguous, delivered in a confident, warm and non threatening, non ‘Mystic Meg’ way. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Response from Janice

Thank you for that review Ray, it’s always a pleasure to read for you.

Patricia Kay

Janice is an extremely intuitive reader. Her interpretation of the cards is uncannily accurate, coupled with clear, helpful, empathetic guidance. A warm and positive experience – I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Response from Janice

Thank you Patricia, it was a pleasure reading for you.

Grim Rhi-per

The readings I’ve had from Janice have always been very on-point with what has been going on in my life. They have provided me with interesting and insightful guidance on how to navigate difficult times. She has a very calming nature about her, and unlike others I have attended, I never feel worried after a reading. I get a great sense of certainty from what she draws from the cards. I’ve enjoyed the readings with Janice so much that I have also recommended her to family members, who have nothing but praise for her fantastic readings.

Response from Janice

Thanks Rhi – I’m so glad we’ve been able to work together.

Barbara Shahvandi

The reading was detailed and clear. I loved the positive and uplifting energy. Very pleased and would highly recommend Janice

Response from Janice

Hey thanks Barbara, that’s lovely and much appreciated.

Zahra Shireen

Had a lovely reading from Janice today which helped me gain perspective; I was left with a sense of optimism and hope for the future which I cannot thank her for enough. I will definitely be back for a reading if I ever need one again!

Response from Janice
Thank you so much for that review Zahra, I’m so glad it helped and I’m sure you’re going to move forward to exciting and positive times.

We are all helped and guided by the energies around us, honestly it is your right and your duty to find happiness.  I use tarot as a direct line to the information that is there for you – for us all in fact.

Tarot is always kind, wise and compassionate but also always truthful.  It’s important to know the truth because then we can choose a path that will lead us to where we would prefer to be.  We all want to feel happy and fulfilled, that’s a given, but so often we just can’t see how and so we go round and round in circles trying to figure it out.

We don’t have a map and it feels like we’re groping around in the dark and believe me I know, that’s no fun at all.

With tarot I can talk to those energies that can see clearly from above, I can talk to your higher self and hear what you want. It works and it feels so much better.

I use tarot as a language so I can have a conversation with the place where all knowledge is found.

I can read for you in person or we can read on the phone or by skype, it’s nice to sit side by side but it honestly at least 50% of my reading are not in person and it’s always still wonderful.

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