The Lovers cardYou have a few options!

Tarot Readings  are either 30 minutes at £40 or  60 minutes at £70 per session.

Call me to arrange! Tel: 07954 082912 or

You can book a virtual face to face reading on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp, it’s always lovely to meet in person! Or we can read on the good old fashioned phone. It makes no difference at all to the quality of your reading.

The time of your reading is arranged by contacting me not via the payment link. You can go ahead and buy a reading and then we can arrange a mutually convenient time (usually within 2 hours) or call/email  me to arrange a time then make the payment – either is fine.

Choose either the 30 minute or the 60 minute option. Payment is by Paypal or if you don’t have a Paypal account you can pay by debit card (choose pay as a guest).

Also - I am running a deal! 3 x 30 min readings for just £95. In the options below.

Tarot Reading

Your personal Tarot reading

I read with every client from the basis that we each create our own lives. If things are not as we would like, we have the ability to change our present experience and our future's. We ask questions of the cards thus building a picture that helps each client see things in a clearer light. They leave our session more relaxed and empowered.


Of course we can’t control everything in our lives, so it’s also important to understand the choices around where we are now. The Tarot shows us what energies are in play, what we can and can’t change.

What we can do to bring about the best outcome - even when going through a difficult and challenging situation. Thus building a future which will bring us to happiness, peace and fulfillment.