June Video and a special reading offer

It’s Janice here, your intuitive guide from Tarot Reading London. 
With a June Video and a special reading offer.

Nothing can dim the lightHi Guys,
I’m hoping you’re all hanging on in there, those of you that I’ve spoken to throughout May are finding the lack of clarity in the path ahead the biggest problem. Being unable to make plans in a situation where nothing is certain is incredibly frustrating.

This months video talks about the fact that there is a feeling of overload around right now, we are really gutted with the situation and just want the weight to be lifted and to be set free. The ongoing situation throughout June unfortunately still just feels like a grind, as we try to keep everything in order and ourselves together, all we can do is trudge onwards, feeling more and more like it’s just all too much. The Lovers card is a beacon of hope this month as relationships are going to be hugely important in the weeks ahead. Being able to see and meet family members and friends, even if still with limitations will help us feel like progress is being made. The good news is that it does look like June is a transition month and once we get into July it looks like we will feel as if we are starting a new phase. We will begin to adapt in more inventive ways, coming to terms with the reality of the fact that some of the changes we are seeing may well be, if not completely permanent, at least long term. It does look like a feeling of renewed resolve and maybe even some cautious optimism will be felt, which is good news indeed.


Many of the readings I’ve been doing over the last couple of months have been support counselling/coaching type readings.  Using tarot in this way is really wonderful as we use the three way conversation to explore how to navigate the emotional and practical challenges we are all facing.  I’ve been asked if it would be OK to have regular readings which we could just look at feelings and issues that are tough to deal with need some extra support.  If this is something that you think might be useful, I’m offering a three 30 minute readings for a package price of £95.00 instead of the individual rate which would be £120.00  These readings can be scheduled weekly or fortnightly.  This is only available to my clients on this list.

You can book your three reading package here, choose 3 x 30min deal from the drop down menu.

Jani Bowshall

Lots of love and looking forward to reading for you soon,😊

Jani xx


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