May 2020 Update Video and Free Mediation.

It’s Janice here, your intuitive guide from Tarot Reading London.
With my May 2020 Update Video and Free Mediation.

Thames at TwickenhamI was really interested to see what this months reading would have to say about this unfolding situation. Certainly energetically, it’s a very different reading from last month. This month’s cards are all about strength and courage and we certainly need both of those at the moment. The novelty (if there ever was one) has undoubtably worn off and now we’re just digging in for how ever long the duration is. The challenge for us all now is how we each find a new ‘way of being’ through this. We can’t just act on impulse anymore, we can’t simply jump in the car and visit friends or buy bits and pieces at local shops or even online, we’ve had to adapt and fast. Each one of us has sacrificed something, for some that sacrifice has been huge, loved ones and friends who have sadly fallen ill and left us. For others it’s been jobs and security and an unknown future, for some loneliness and isolation and for others just the lack of personal freedom. Everyone of us is having a different experience, linked together by a common need to get to the other side, whatever that ‘other side’ may turn out to be.

Here in Twickenham, we are blessed with local walks and parks and while the towpath can resemble the London Marathon at times, being by the river is sustaining and calming (if you are sensible and choose your times carefully). Being surrounded by a lovely environment softens the experience and I am eternally grateful for it.

We’ve all been finding our different ways to stay sane but as a little contribution, I’d like to offer you this guided meditation with my compliments. This meditation uses the messages of the tarot court cards (the tarot Royalty) to help us stay empowered emotionally, mentally, creatively and to experience abundance in all it’s forms. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Jani Bowshall

I’ve been busy reading over the phone of course but also by Skype
and I’ve even got to grips with the delights of Zoom (so high tech eh?)

I’ve also been busy behind the scenes updating my tarot teaching material and have been building it into what I honestly think is a really awesome course – ‘Tarot Mastery’. Each lesson has videos, easy to digest course material and no ‘by rote’ card learning. It’s an in depth course but fascinating and really absorbing and just the thing to get you through the lock down hours when even Netflix can’t cheer you up!
So if you’ve always wanted to learn tarot and would like to learn with me, let me know
and I’ll give you a guided tour of the delights that Tarot Mastery has to offer.

Lots of love and looking forward to reading for you soon,


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