October Video Tarot energy reading

It’s Jani here,😊 your intuitive guide from Tarot Reading London,
with October’s video Tarot energy reading and my thoughts for the month.

Flynn the dogHi everyone,

October has come around very quickly and we’re speeding through the year at an ever-increasing rate. As I write this, that lovely Indian summer has retreated and storm Alex is blustering around outside the window; poor Flynn doesn’t mind the rain at all, so was not impressed by the fact that staying inside was definitely my preferred option.

Actually, this even appeared in this month’s reading, with the 10 of Cups being the defining energy, being at home and connecting to our emotional tribe – sounds like Netflix will be doing great business this month!


This month in my video reading, The Moon came up as the energy to embrace. The Moon in Tarot is not an easy card – symbolically the half-light of moonlight is used to describe how difficult it is to see our way clearly when we are feeling low or are afraid in some way. To embrace The Moon is a tough ask, but if we can’t, we simply become immobilised. I think, though, it’s very apt right now; we need to come to terms with whatever our fears actually are. In fact, the energy over this month is very much about coming to terms with things, it’s already been obviously building in the readings that I’ve been doing. There is also a feeling that in some way our sense of trust has been not just shaken but completely cracked. This is showing up in work readings, in relationship readings and in general ‘what on earth do I do now?’ readings.

The Magician tarot card
The Magician

There is almost an acceptance of lack of power, of the belief that the odds are simply stacked too highly against us, that there’s nothing we can do! This would be The Moon energy in play. Our greatest fear in life seems to be having no control, of not being able to make positive changes, of being stuck like ‘this’. Without trust in something, we do really start to struggle. So, what do we put our trust in? Hopefully, ourselves? Perhaps something beyond ourselves? Spirituality of some kind can really help; the fact is, the energy (The Universe, The Matrix, Source or God) responds to us and mirrors back the version of the world we are projecting. All we need is the faintest feeling that somehow, we’ll find a way and things can oddly re-arrange in a much for positive version of reality. In these very uncertain times, we’re finding that core strength is vital. Uncertainty is so hard to deal with and undermines our ability to plan and take control, but it is now we need to show up for ourselves. The Moon tells us the more we face our fears, the stronger we get and the more trust we build as a result in our own abilities to respond to uncertainty.

Talking about our abilities to deal with uncertainties, I’m also working hard behind the scene on a book and a new Tarot deck, both called ‘Talking to the Matrix’. If you’ve ever had a reading with me, I’ve probably spoken to you about ‘energy’. This deck brings that energy to life, it being the only thing depicted in colour. I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of ‘The Magician’ card. In Tarot, The Magician is all about our personal power and our ability to create our vision of what we want our lives to be. Here, we see The Magician figure conducting ‘the energy’ shown as a rainbow version of the northern lights.
I really like it, and I’m very excited to see how the deck progresses. I hope you like it and are inspired by it as well!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you, have a warm, cosy October,
Lots of love and looking forward to reading for you soon,😊

Jani xx


Jani Bowshall

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