September Video and Tarot News

It’s Jani here,😊  Your intuitive guide from Tarot Reading London.
With September’s video tarot energy reading and my thoughts for the month.

autumn leavesAutumn is well making an appearance now it seems, as nights get chillier and acorns are crunching everywhere underfoot. I took the picture above by the river one morning last week and it really felt like change was in the air and there was the smell of autumn and damp earth everywhere. I love the seasonal changes, being in one season one day then by an almost magical transition we’re in the next phase of the year almost overnight. It’s amazing!
Of course we can respond by being grumpy and miserable about the drop in temperature and the blustery days or we can choose to enjoy it, snuggle up in warm jumpers and enjoy crunchy autumn walks or being cocooned in our cozy homes.

This month’s video reading (which I hope you’ll watch?) also seems to echo once again the importance of being in flow with changing energies. It seems that this month there is a rush of energy speeding up all around us. There is an unpredictability in the energy field, like gusts of winds blowing around us. While this is certainly not a stable energy it’s not inherently negative. It almost feels like change in action and this months reading encourages us to take a positive and proactive stance to this energy. There has been a lot of upheaval energetically over the last six months and because of that, there is also an upsurge of negative energy in the mix. Like mud in agitated water. This can be felt as non-specific underlying stress and anxiety and if you are feeling this around you, it’s important to check in with yourself honestly and see what thoughts are coming up. It can be tempting in troubled times like these, to look at the world and see an insurmountable amount of problems, this really hinders our ability to see what options are available to us in our individual lives. The reading presents us with The King of Wands as our guide, a dynamic, confident, ‘out of the box’ thinker and asks us to see how each one of us can take creative action and lead in some way.

smiling boyUsually, when people hear ‘ CREATIVITY’, they immediately think of artistic pursuits like painting, making music, or writing poetry. Creativity is broader than that though. It involves a “way of thinking” & an ability to relate to others and to the world in ways, which lead to inspiration. The light bulb, the radio, the television, the telephone – have been in existence now for many years – they are our normal now! What solutions do we need moving forward? So to be creative means to make or think of something new, but this doesn’t have to be artistic or technological. It might mean simply making small changes in how we think and how we see the world and in terms of how happy we are, that’s so important. Sometimes finding happiness in a really challenging situation might feel like a big ask, but that’s where the creativity comes in.

If we let the ‘dark forces’ of pessimism, anger, fear and doubt into our lives, we end up seeing it everywhere we look. Every moment of happiness you create for yourself, mirrors out into the world around you and has a real life effect on us all. This months reading ends with a call to deepen bonds between people you share a heart connection with, not just lovers and family but work collegues and friends. The world is a better place when we’re together, supporting and caring for each other. Spread the love and let’s create a brilliantly positive month that touches as many people as possible, no matter what!



I’m continuing my special offer of 3 x 30 minute readings as this has proved quite popular. Many of the readings I’ve been doing over the last couple of months have been support counselling/coaching type readings.  Using Tarot in this way is really wonderful as we use the three way conversation to explore how to navigate the emotional and practical challenges we are all facing.  I’ve been asked if it would be OK to have regular readings which we could just look at feelings and issues that are tough to deal with need some extra support.  If this is something that you think might be useful, the offer is three 30 minute readings for a package price of £95.00 instead of the individual rate which would be £120.00  These readings can be scheduled in any way that suits you.

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Jani Bowshall

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you, have a wonderful September,
Lots of love and looking forward to reading for you soon,

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