Jani Bowshall, tarot reading London
Jani Bowshall

My name is Jani Bowshall and I am a professional spiritual guide, Tarot reader and teacher, teaching Tarot and reading for private clients all over the world.  I’ve been working for Tarot for many years and I’m still fascinated and awed by it.  I see Tarot as a language, a bridge of communication between us and ‘The Matrix’, the unseen web of consciousness and energy that transcends our physical world in both time and space.  This sounds a bit ‘out there’ or a bit woowoo but keep an open mind, it does work.   In that ‘Matrix’ is all information that is available and we can call on it in anyway that works for our individual belief systems.  Talking to ‘Spirit’ is just a way of saying we are talking to the unseen.  In my experience there is nothing to be afraid of here.  It’s not a Ouija board, we are not doing mediumship. We are tapping into information and only engaging with higher energies that (again in my experience) have only our best interests at heart.

How to get the best out of the card meanings.

I describe Tarot as a language and like any language, some of the words (cards) can have meanings that subtly change depending on the context of the situation.  If you are simply experimenting, dipping in and out, using card meanings as a kind of ‘phrase book’ it’ll be useful for you to know that the quality of the answers you get will be hugely influenced by the questions you ask.

‘Yes or no’ questions are annoyingly problematic in Tarot, the answers that come back from yes or no questions are often confusing as Tarot tries to be helpful, giving you broader contextual information.

A question such as ‘will my ex come back’ might produce a 5 of cups card.  On the face of it not a very positive card, but it doesn’t give you a definitive no.  There are two cups remaining behind the figure so maybe there’s hope - right?

What it says is, that the whole situation is not as you hoped it would be, you are probably in grief and stuck in that perspective, seeing everything from that position. There is an air of disappointment and regret around the energy, implying that maybe even if he or she does come back (and they may do), it still may not be the happy ending you were hoping for. Confusing?  Sometimes yes.

So rather than asking yes or no questions, try asking exploratory questions, they are so much more interesting.  What should I know?  What should I do/not do to help me find my desired result?  What should I focus on now?  What should I be guided by?

The next potential confusion, may come from repeatedly asking the same question, even if you have rephrased it.  The answers do not get clearer.  You get a kind of blurring effect in the answers as the energy tries to re-phrase your answer.  The same is true for taking cards repeatedly around a subject and not attaching specific questions to each card.  Make sure you assign definite questions for every card. If you don’t understand the answer, simply state that and ask for a different card that will make it clearer to you and see what happens.  Sometimes understanding comes a little later, if there’s a lot of emotion around a situation, it can cause mental static interference which makes it hard for answers to be received and understood clearly in the moment.

The more disciplined you can be with your questions, the clearer your answers will be.  Try writing down your questions and answers with dates so you can keep track of what comes up each time you ask.

Have fun and enjoy the cards, you will be amazed at what information they will give you.

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